Below you can read some of the experiences that my clients have had whilst at my salon.
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Thank you to all of you!
With love and kind blessings,
Ash xo

“A silky smooth experience, highly recommended for any occasion, whether it be recreational or hygenic purposes.”

“WOW!!!!! Well what can I say!! I have been searching and searching for an Organic Beauty Salon which specialises in organic Spray Tanning and beauty products until I came across a website which had a tanning formula which was 100% natural Spray Tan Product called ‘Vani T’. I then rang their head office where the staff recommended me to Ash Macdonald. I am sooooo impressed. Ash’s salon offers fantastic natural beauty products for those who really want to look after themselves internally as well as externally.

There are not many salons which offer Organic products which I believe is the REAL true beauty as you know its definitely 100% natural. The fantastic thing about Ash is that she has educated herself and done her own research on her products and strongly believes if you truly want to be healthy you need to make sure the ingredients in the products will be friendly within your body.

The certified Organic natural Spray Tan is ABSOLUTELY such a GORGEOUS colour. I always get compliments. And the ingredients in it actually helps firm the skin and you will be glowing like you just got back from the Greek Islands. I am hooked!!!!!!! Ash also styles my hair and previous hairdressers have always found my hair a real pain as I have long hair, but Ash always does my to perfection. She also does her best, to work around your schedules when making appointments and is quite flexible compared to other beauticians which is great, as I work in travel & events this suits me perfectly.

Ash has such a beautiful and friendly character with a warming and welcoming personality, really making you feel comfortable. She has a very positive attitude in her work and there is just this great energy with the way she carries herself I have never come across a beautician like this before.

It is such a delight seeing her!!!!!!! Thank you thank you Ash for always being so helpful!!!!!xx”
(Kathy D)

“The thing that makes Ash Macdonald stand out from the other beauty therapists I have seen is her dedication to making her services an experience for you. It is not a case of slap and dash, see you later- instead, you will have the pleasure of her time, conversation and expertise without feeling rushed in the slightest. I find that even just getting my eyelash extensions refilled becomes an experience I look forward to, where I can lie down and get away from the world for awhile as Ash works her magic. In the six months I have been one of Ash’s clients, I have been amazed at her continuing studies and commitment to widening the range of services she provides. Every time I see her, she has a new skill to add to her repertoire. Her professionalism and dedication to the industry is inspiring. And the best thing about Ash Macdonald? She not only strives to make you ‘look’ good with her services, but to feel special and unique and comfortable in who you are also.
(Lauren K)

“One word to describe my experiences with Ash Macdonald…..Amazing! She is one of the most talented people I know and her dedication and professionalism in her work is something people can learn from. I’ve been going to Ash for close to a couple of years now and over this time I’ve had various amounts of beauty therapy done. From waxing & spray tans to hair ups & eyelash extensions (which are my new favourite thing) and I’ve been so happy with every single one of them! Everytime I walk out of her salon I always feel refreshed! For people who have never been to see Ash before you will walk in as a client but feel more like a friend because she is so warm and friendly and will always make you feel so comfortable (yes even if your standing there naked getting a spray tan!). There are always new and exciting things going on in her salon and I’m looking forward to all things that she will be bringing to us in the future!”
(Amy C)

“Ash Macdonald exudes raw talent in every aspect of her service offerings. I have had my eyelash extensions from various businesses and yet none of them have had the exquisite results that Ash, time after time, delivers. As a make up artist Ash isn’t afraid to explore different styles and shades and every time the final result is nothing short of stunning. As for the hair styles, Ash loves the chance to try new styles and always dares to be different by adding her own creative touch which always has people commenting, “your hair looks amazing” – to which I always reply, “it’s all Ash!” and it’s true. Thanks Ash for your continued service which always is of the utmost quality and professionalism.”
(Emily O)

“I had so many comments on my tan last night! I loved it again! Thank you so much.”
(Jen L)